Autumn, Nick & the Mountains.

This session was a little more sentimental to me than most! Autumn and her family, the Albrechts, have been a piece of my hometown life in Rochester, NY from a very young age. Mr. Albrecht was my 4th grade teacher at Brockport, and arguably, one of my favorite teachers growing up. Autumn and her brothers were about the same age as my sister April and me, so we were always in the same schools and associated with the same groups. Autumn and I both played soccer for Brockport High School, too! It's so heartwarming to see someone who has grow up alongside me find the love of her life, and I'm so happy these two wanted me to be a part of their special day!

Autumn and Nick are currently based in Burlington, Vermont after they met in college at the University of Vermont. For this engagement session, we met halfway between Burlington and Rochester in the Adirondacks region.

Unbe-leaf-able Views.

Upon arrival to the Adirondacks, Nick, Autumn, and I took a small hike up to the woodsy area seen in the above photos. It's fun to do a little adventuring during my sessions! Exploring a new place with my couples gives us another level bond! Not to mention, this trek resulted in some beautiful portrait shots.

Hike, Hike, Baby.

After lunch at The Caboose, an Adirondack panini place owned and operated by members of another Brockport, NY family, we decided to get back on the trails. Autumn, Nick, and I took a much steeper route this time in attempt to get the perfect sunset photo. And, I think we accomplished our goal.

Head over Hiking Boots.

I am so happy with the way these photos turned out. The warm colors and picturesque landscape shows just how beautiful these two are together! Thank you to Autumn and Nick for such a fun adventure!